OSC Bounty List Update (June 2024)

OSC $ Bounties!

We’ve updated the bounty list to add some high performing active players for you to try and take down, while removing some who may be less active than previously. At current count over $22,000 in bounty prizes have been won, so make sure you signup to tournaments for your shot at taking down these guys and collecting the $$’s!

755 ($22,425) bounties have been won since the programs inception in 2014!

Top Bounty Hunters can be viewed in the OSC Hall of Fame!



SHIN $30


Cham  $30
MeomaikA  $20
Trigger  $20

Change Value:

Dark  increased to $75 (was $60)
Gerald increased to $30 (was $20)
Krystianer increased to $30 (was $20)
GuMiho decreased to $60 (was $75)

Defeat these players in a Bo3+ series in any OSC Partnered tournament and collect the $$!

Open to OSC Elite Rewards Club Members + Guest pass holders!

All players regardless if OSCE or not, get 10% of the bounty value in points (eg 10% of a $50 Bounty = 5 bonus points), if that player is higher than them in the current OSC Rankings.

More information regarding Bounties can be found here.

Think you’ve won a bounty?
Shoot an email to OSCSC2@gmail.com stating your SC2 ID, the ID of bounty player, and event played. Include replays of the series, and the paypal account you’d like the prize sent to.
(All recently approved bounties are also displayed on our home page)

Full Bounty List as of 23rd June 2024:

ByuN  $75
Clem  $75
Cure  $75
Dark  $75
MaxPax $75
Solar  $75
GuMiho  $60
herO  $60
Oliveira  $60
ShoWTimE  $60
MaNa  $50
SpeCial  $50
Spirit  $50
Classic $30
Creator $30
Gerald  $30
Krystianer  $30
NightMare  $30
SHIN $30
SKillous $30
Wayne $30